2013 Shiraz Dzuzsi


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Alc/Vol12.44 % 750ml Stand :7.44

10-15 years ago in the Bordeaux varieties and Chardonnay burning fever of the world, only a few years delay and then caught up with the pinot noir is behind them. If todaywe are looking for trendy breed, the shiraz considered a specialty.
Like the rest of the world is important blue varieties Syrah is especially serious in mostwines gained the recognition. 

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2013 Shiraz Dzuzsi <p><span><span>Thanks to</span><span> </span><span>the rich</span><span> </span><span>flavors</span><span>, good</span><span> </span><span>acid <span>tannin</span><span> </span><span>structure </span><span></span><span>generally</span></span><span> </span><span>usually gives</span><span> </span><span>well-</span><span>matured</span><span> </span><span>wine.</span>Our winery</span><span> </span><span>shiraz </span><span> deep </span><span>color</span><span> </span><span>,</span><span> </span><span>noticeable</span><span> </span><span>smell.</span><span> </span><span>Good</span><span> </span><span>structure</span><span>,</span><span> </span><span>typical of</span><span> </span><span>the kind</span><span> </span><span>of fruit</span><span> </span><span>flavor</span></p>

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Thanks to the rich flavors, good acid tannin structure generally usually gives well-matured wine.Our winery shiraz  deep color , noticeable smell. Good structure, typical of the kind of fruit flavor