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1 x 2014 Tokaj Furmint Grand Selection Dry

It’s fragrance is characterised by mellow white peach, fresh grape flowers, a breath of smokiness from ageing in barrels and the clean aspect of Furmint. Savoring it, the wine has a unique mineral trait with notes of saltiness that accompanies the fresh zest of peach. The wine has a long finish, freshly preserved by a rounded acidity.

Serving temperature: 12 °C


1 x Grand Tokaj Cuvee 2014

Light greenish yellow colour. Its nose carries the crisp and refreshing traits typical to its vintage, with nice fruity mango and grapefruit notes, a bit of smoke and vibrant spring flowers. Tasting reveals the complexity of the Furmint-Hárslevelű-Sárgamuskotály blend. The scent is followed by harmony in its flavour, with ongoing fruitiness, the freshness of mango and a nice kiwifruit finish.


The refreshing trait of the wine mixes excellently with the relish of the Furmint grape that is accompanied by the mineral feature of the Kővágó terroir. As a result of the ageing process in new barrels a smoky sensation is present along with the full-bodied characteristic of the 

1 x MUSCAT BLANC 2015 Grand Tokaj

Light yellow-green colour. It’s clean fragrance is defined by the fruitiness of the vintage with pear, smoky apricots and spring flowers. The taste of the complex blend of Hárslevelű and Furmint is a testament of the diverse flavors of the eight wine communities of the Tokaj wine region. 



Alcohol: 11 % vol | Sugar: 10.5 g/l | Acid: 5.5 g/l

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Grand tokaj Selections

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